Psychologists say: The person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up feeling the loneliest.
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fatfemmefeminist asked: My big transferred to my university from another school, and her big is still there. For my big's 21st, my grandbig is coming to visit. Since it's my first time meeting her, I don't know her that well to know what kinds of things she likes, but I want to craft her something to let her know that even though she doesn't go to our school, she is still loved and thought of. Pinterest doesn't have many ideas for grandbig presents, do you have any suggestions?


i have always liked the hanging 3 picture frame idea for GBig, Big & Little! they’re inexpensive to craft and you can decorate them in a super cute style. paint and accessorize each wood frame, then attach them together with little hooks/screws. i would leave the photos out, then take pictures during your celebration and add them to the frames before your GBig returns home. a custom gift that unites all three of you, even though she’s at a distance! xoxo ;)




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